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The new EXP 10 Speed Six is a design and an engine that is not to be forgotten.

The all new Bentley Speed Six was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor show and is set to make some big waves when it enters the market. This model rivals the sporting Bentley of the 1920s with some modern updates that are well worth taking a look at.

The Speed Six has a new engine that is rivaled by none other in the Bentley Family.

The Speed Six is not currently in production, or at least it is not ready for distribution.

As such there is little by way of information of the motor that will be mass produced but the production car featured the first V6 plug in hybrid engine that has ever been used in any Bentley vehicle, production or otherwise.

The production car has so far been confirmed that there will be an all-electric version in the works as well. There has also been speculation that a V8 option may be in the works but these reports have not been confirmed or denied by Bentley.

The overall style is very 1920s save for the electric green that the concept automobile was painted but the interior is expensive and rich and there are plenty of technology features that help make this a very exciting prospect that all automobile lovers are certainly looking forward to.

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