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Ferrari California T Review

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This stunning new Maranello hard top convertible is sure to take the cake. This is the convertible for those that have a hard time giving up functionality in favor of style.

The California T offers a new turbocharged V8 and a new Handling Speciale option that changes the game entirely.

The lines of this overall design are more sculpted and assertive than previous models and the overall look is far more aggressive. With projector headlamps and a triple fence rear diffuser you are sure to get both the look and performance you are seeking.

Top speed is about 196 mph and new design changes have been put in place to keep your car on track. The high resolution 6.5” screen is both touch screen and features conventional controls as well.

Though this model does feature a turbo charged engine, it is certainly a road going model. With compact low inertia twin scroll turbines you get an ultra-sharp throttle response without an overwhelming experience.

The 3855cc Turbo 8 cylinder engine is mounted low in the chassis in a mid-front position and offers 560 metric horse power at 7500 rpm.

This automobile accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.6 seconds and the new steering box offers a tighter, more controlled driving experience.

The Handling Speciale option offers tandem engine and gear box programming for a smoother and sportier sound overall.

This is a fantastic option for those that want power and comfort but also want an sports car that is road worthy from day to day.

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