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Motor Trade Insurance – Getting it Right

Used car salesIt’s important to get it right when it comes to motor trade insurance. With business of all sizes feeling the pinch, making a profit is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. The motor trade is no different.


Whether it is selling new or used cars, servicing and MOT, breakdown recovery, crash repairs or general garage services, all businesses in the motor trade are finding their margins squeezed. Motor trade insurance may just seem like one added expenses on top of rising operating costs. However, it is essential in protecting your business from what, let’s face it, is becoming an increasingly uncertain future.


While it is vital to have motor trade insurance, it’s also important that you don’t waste money on cover which is not suitable for you needs.

Compare Motor Trade Insurance Now

UK companies and individuals overspend by billions of pound every year on insurance they don’t need. So to make sure you are getting value for money, compare motor trade insurance at

Not only will motor trade insurance safeguard your company should anything unexpected happen, it’s also good for business as some customers may want to know if you have adequate insurance before dealing with you. Of course, how much cover you take out will depend on the size of your operation and the number of vehicles you handle on a daily basis. For used and new car dealers and mechanics and garage services, you could be working on and driving cars which aren’t yours, so having a good quality of cover and indemnity insurance is important.

For businesses such as scrap yards, where the state of the vehicles you are handling isn’t a priority, then a simple third party road risks insurance policy may be enough. You should also consider if you want your motor trade insurance policy to cover your private vehicles as well. If you are spending your day driving or fixing high class motors, but spinning around in an old rust bucket the rest of the time, you could be spending too much to insure a low value vehicle.

To make sure your paying for the cover you need, go to today and compare policies which suit your needs.