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Motor Trade Insurance - Get It Right

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It has never been more important to ensure that your motor trade insurance policy is up to scratch. Each year, motor traders lose millions of pounds because they are unaware that their motor trade policy doesn't cover them under certain circumstances. 

A typical scenario could be a customer crashing a vehicle while on a test drive. If your motor trade insurance policy doesn't cover road risks and/or customer test drivers, any crashes where the customer is responsible wouldn't be covered under your policy - so you would lose out on the value of the car. 

With cars becoming more and more expensive, and consumers looking to switch their cars up to several times a year, motor traders are quickly becoming a very fast paced industry. Cars enter and leave the forecourt in a matter of days - as opposed to weeks in the past. This quick turnaround means that a motor trade policy needs to cover a variety of vehicles immediately. 

Consult An Insurance Broker To Get It Right

To ensure that you have the right policy for your needs, it's always best to consult a motor trade insurance broker, such as One Sure Insurance. An insurance broker will run through all of your needs and requirements, and make sure that any policy that is issued is suited to your individual needs and requirements. You'll be able to ascertain whether you need road risk cover, or any other type of cover - such as tools cover. From there, an insurance broker can work to obtain you the absolute best motor trade insurance quotes.

Better yet, because insurance brokers often work with numerous insurers, they are often able to get you a better price than you could get elsewhere. Insurance brokers have established strong working relationships with insurers, and work tirelessly to strike deals that benefits businesses and consumers - such as yourself.