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Monday, January 22, 2018

Ford B-Max Review

Ford Ecosport Review

Ford Focus Review

Ford Edge Review

Introducing the Ford Edge, arguably the most American-looking of the the SUV class available to euro-buyers. Reaction among reviewers has been mixed. I sometimes wonder if reviewers don't sometimes forget who is buying the...

Ford Mustang Review

Ford Mustang Sallies Forth In The UK Do you see what I did there? Mustang? Sally? Fair enough; please yourselves. Just as I did in fact when I spent a day with this most iconic...

Ford New 2017 Ford Fiesta Is Ahead Of The Pack Review

Way, way back in the dark, coal-burning pre-internet days of the Twentieth Century when we purchased cars from local dealers or out of the newspaper small ads, the Ford Motor Company introduced a vehicle...


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