Volkswagen E-UP Review


E-Up sounds like something from a Yorkshire based soap opera, but in fact it is the electric version of the popular VW Up city car. The German maker has swapped the 1.0-litre petrol engine for an 80bhp AC electric motor.

Just like other electric cars on the market, it glides away from a standing start with a whoosh and the acceleration is instant. Even though this version weighs 230kg more than the standard petrol car (due to the battery), it drives and handles very well. The electric Up feels quicker thanks to instant torque on tap and you can whizz around town with great ease.

On a practical sense, the battery takes around nine hours to fully charge from flat via a household 230-volt supply. However, if you have access to a faster wallbox charger, then it will only takes six hours to fully charge.

There is also the quick charge option where you can top the car up to 80 per cent from flat in 30 minutes – you can find these charging stations popping up throughout the UK.

The e-Up version is only available in a five-door guise and comes with one equipment level based on the range-topping ‘High Up’ petrol car.
There are plenty of bells and whistles as standard. This model gets cruise control, heated seats ‘Maps & More’ portable sat-nav and multimedia unit, climate control, rear parking sensors, DAB radio, a heated windscreen and a low-speed automatic emergency braking system all as standard.